Butterscotch Bourbon Candle

Butterscotch Bourbon Candle

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Elevate your ambiance with the tantalizing allure of our Phthalate-free Butterscotch Bourbon Candle. 

🍯 Rich and Sticky-Sweet Fragrance: Envelop your space in the sumptuous embrace of this exquisite fragrance. With every inhale, experience the decadent aroma of sweet butterscotch and brown sugar, conjuring visions of delectable golden confections.

🥃 A Splash of Boozy Bourbon: Let the essence of aged bourbon gracefully mingle with the sweetness, creating a symphony of indulgence that dances through the air. The subtle, boozy undertone adds a sophisticated edge to this fragrance, making it a true delight for the senses.

🌶️ Sensuous Peppercorn & Cardamom: As the candle burns, notes of peppercorn and warm cardamom gently emerge, weaving an intricate tapestry of scents that captivate your imagination. These top notes add a touch of intrigue and spice to the overall experience.

🔥 A Cozy Embrace of Oak and Patchouli: The journey concludes with the grounding embrace of oak and smoky patchouli, infusing the atmosphere with a sense of warmth and comfort. These base notes enrich the fragrance, making it a perfect companion for relaxation and unwinding.

🕯️ Indulge Year-Round: Whether it's a cozy winter evening by the fireplace or a breezy summer night on the patio, our Butterscotch Bourbon Candle is designed to transport you to moments of pure indulgence no matter the season.

Transform your space into a sanctuary of opulent delight with our Butterscotch Bourbon Candle. Elevate your moments, uplift your spirits, and surround yourself with an aroma that celebrates the finer things in life. Light up your world today!

🛍️ Grab yours now and let the alluring fragrance of Butterscotch and Bourbon weave its magic into your life. Limited stock available, so don't miss out on this luxurious experience!

Note: Safety always comes first. Please remember to trim the wick before lighting, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Enjoy responsibly.